Infinite Advancement

As research into science and healthcare has advanced, so too has the chiropractic profession advanced. As a result, our office is utilizing the most sophisticated systems, tools, and procedures allowing for uniquely specialized health care to target your specific needs.

Here are some of the tools we use to advance your health and design care plans to target your specific needs.


Video Fluoroscopy


The developer of chiropractic, BJ Palmer, was quoted as saying “Chiropractic is premised on the hypothesis that life is motion and motion is function.”

Within our office is a piece of equipment that is designed to visualize the movement of your spine and allows us to hone in on areas of compromised movement, which, when restored, will increase our patients' quality of life in a clinically measurable and relevant way.

The equipment, known as a video fluoroscope, has been specially modified for use within the scope of chiropractic and is safe and effective. Dr. Rice is one of only 50 chiropractors within the United States that has been trained and certified in the use of video fluoroscopy, and is currently the only doctor in the state of Arizona that is utilizing this tool.


Low Dosage Digital X-Ray

Our state of the art digital, bluetooth, x ray panel allows for the clearest images taken of your spine.

With this technology we are able to significantly reduce the dosage at which we shoot our images thereby making it safer and more effective. Not only do the images captured have the highest resolution available, but they are also completely digitized allowing for the processing and development of the images to be much more efficient. Studies have shown that improper spinal alignment has a direct effect on your nervous system and causes absolute dysfunction to the body. With this technology we are able to precisely measure the level of misalignment in your spine, paving the way for precise adjustments.

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Terminal Point Drop Table

You comfort is our priority. As such we utilize specially built tables that increase relaxation and decrease discomfort during adjustments.

These tables are designed for increased effectiveness while delivering adjustments and utilize a “drop-mechanism” to lower the amount of force needed to make spinal corrections. The tables allow us to not “crack” or “pop” your back, and instead deliver precision spinal adjusting designed to correct any interference to your nervous system and to revitalize your health.


Titronics Paraspinal Thermography

Our Tytron Neuronal Analysis (TNA) technology provides us a window into your nervous system to see exactly how your system is functioning. Any interruptions in your brains ability to communicate to the body will be displayed to our advanced computer programming, and can be monitored in real time.

Receiving up to date feedback from this piece of equipment gives us insight into exactly how our interventions are affecting your nervous system, and how your body is responding to these interventions. Expertise with this equipment allows IPC to target the root cause of health issues prior to each adjustment, making them more specialized for your targeted needs.

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Variable Frequency Adjusting

Our variable frequency adjuster allows us to deliver treatment to a variety of common complaints, ranging from soft tissue injuries to nerve impingement, as well as playing a supportive role in the adjustment process.

Our variable frequency adjusting instrument provides total control with the treatment delivered down to specific tissue and cellular demands. This allows Dr. Rice to set the frequency and force needed to re-align and correct your spine with a hand-held instrument. This tool provides more precision in our treatment plans and seamlessly coordinates with the interventions made. Not only does this tool supplement our adjustment corrections to the nervous systems but it is also tremendous as standalone treatment in exercise therapy and rehabilitation.


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